Boat Soundproofing and Yacht Soundproofing

Soundproofing for yachts and boats
Boat Soundproofing / Yacht Soundproofing is pretty much an essential part of any modern vessel. Having zero soundproofing measures or sub-standard soundproofing installed is a recipe for a terrible experience on board and ultimately if you’re going to spend your hard earned money on something so costly you need it to be an experience that is enjoyable. The last thing you want is to experience all of the noise pollution from the various on board systems let alone the engine noise; which ultimately may lead to you hating and dreading taking out your boat for adventures.
ship boat marine soundproofing
Changing the Glass to Soundproof NoiseBlock Glass makes a world of difference in every area of the boat and it’s a very easy change to make and very cost effective. This will make your bedroom areas peaceful and in combination with our soundproofing compartment systems you can get a really amazing n ight’s sleep after installation.
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The number one problem on Boats are the hull, they are always never insulated properly and allow for transmission of noise to all parts of the vessel with ease. Insulating the hull with effective soundproofing materials will make the difference between night and day in sound transmission loss for all to hear. This can be done when you overhaul the vessel next time it’s in the shipyard with relative ease, it can also be retrofitted depending on your requirements.