Boxing Gym Soundproofing & Renovation

Boxing Gyms are a lot of fun, they’re loud, energetic, hyper and great if you’re an adrenaline junky. But there is downside, only your clients are into the noise that you create in your boxing sessions, your neighbours just find it a noise and intolerable.
That’s why you need serious professional soundproofing for your boxing gym to ensure you can continue your operations and If your renting your tenancy agreement without getting evicted or stopped by the police or in the worst case scenarios sued by another party.

Boxing gyms create a few different types of noise issues:-

– Impact Noise from hitting the Bag and the noise going through to the structures and then around the building components.
– Amplified Projected Airborne Noise from Speaker Systems as well as Vibration cause from the Bass generated from Subs.
– Airborne Noise from the customers shouting as they hit the bag or from the instructor which subsequently the noise is propagated in an omni directions.
Boxing Gym Soundproofing
Altogether you have a massive problem that for most acoustic consultants, noise proofing contractors or soundproofing consultants are unable to solve.
That’s where we come into the picture, we have a lot of experience in dealing with Boxing Gym Soundproofing and Noise Control which in Singapore we have done Virgin Active, Fight Zone, CruBox, Ground Zero to name some of the more well known clients we have worked with.
Using the right soundproofing installed in the right way will ensure you have a soundproofed shell protecting your business and allowing you to provide the best experience for your customers with the peace of mind that you are on the right side of the law when it comes to noise pollution and maximum permissible noise levels.
Cru Box Singapore
You will need to install a floating floor system in order to isolate you from your neighbour and this will need be designed based on using acoustic engineering and civil engineering calculations. So if you were thinking its as easy as what some of our competitors are advertising online that there is a simple product you just install then you almost just board a clever marketing ploy.
Typically the Boxing Gym Isolation Flooring will be calculated on occupant loading and the right shock absorber type will be selected based on this loading. There are large selection of shock absorber layering, materials, membranes, and systems so you need to get all of these items right to get a result that works.
boxing gym soundproofing renovation
Some other contributing factor is the longevity of the system, your Carbon Footprint and lastly the toxicity in terms of VOC’s and other harmful health concerns. Its often something that is overlooked but you would be surprised how many products on the market have issues with the above, mostly they give off harmful VOC’S.
We can guide you in the direction that you want to take and ensure that we have all your concerns put to rest. We have recycled products to reduce your carbon footprint, we also have a large range of SafeForHuman# materials to ensure your health and your customers is at the utmost importance.

The Walls in your Boxing Gyms will also need soundproofing measures installed to ensure that noise does not travel further than your space. This is especially important if you have amplified music from your installed sound system which will be one of the first things your neighbours will complain about.