Church Soundproofing & Acoustics

Soundproofing for Churches and the Acoustic Treatments for Churches, Cathedrals, Minsters, and other Church type buildings is nothing new in modern society or in fact society for hundreds and hundreds of years. What is new is the way that our general population is now aware about it and has access to information about soundproofing and acoustics for these places of worship.

In this particular page we are specifically focusing in on Churches and we have separate pages for other types of religious places of worships such as:-
Bahá’í House of Worship (Baha’is), Chaitya/Buddhist temples/monastery/Wat (Buddhists), Hof (Germanic pagans), Hindu temple/mandir (Hindus), Jain temple/basadi (Jains), Synagogue (Jews), Mosque (Muslims) to name the mainstream examples.
As one can expect each religion has similarities and differences which is in the way that the religion is practiced and the how prayer and services are conducted.

Church Soundproofing

For Churches there are also a number of differences between the different sub classifications.
When it comes to Acoustic treatments for churches all of these components must be considered in order to provide the appropriate treatment for the church on an individual basis of diagnosis. It certainly should not be one product, method or material fits all as this would lead to serious failure of the acoustic systems installed.

church soundproofing

Traditional Churches

Traditional Churches rely upon heavy semi-natural acoustic architectural treatments that in modern times the typical person does not associate these architectural components as actual acoustic mechanisms but in actual fact they are exactly this and for that exact purpose.

Deep mixed density timber, wood and composition wood substrates in modern technology will provide similar acoustic properties of ancient, historic and vintage church acoustic flooring. The Wall and Ceiling Acoustic methodology of traditional church is to use pillars, arches and window architectural to create a three dimensional acoustic surface. 

The Ceilings themselves are created to make resonance chambers so that the sound within the space is amplified and harmonics are added from secondary reflections creating a wider expression of the soundwave from the users original voice making the audio result wider, more harmonic with vibrato and slightly phased.

This works perfectly for the choir and the priest, vicar or bishop conducting the ceremonies.

NoiseBlock Glass Transparent
In modern buildings for traditional worship styles using modern building materials and with the assistance of our Senior Acoustic Consultant Mr N Nelson we are able to reproduce a similar acoustic atmospheric presence with what we call NoiseBlock Historic Acoustical Emulation System 1.
This is a worldwide first and only treatment that will transform any space into the legendary acoustic atmospheres of yesteryears churches in our modern lives.

Modern Churches

Modern Church Acoustics are entirely different from traditional church or historic church acoustic treatments, methods and the approach. The characteristics of modern Churches is entirely different. Amplified Music, Amplified Public Address Systems are integral to the setup, as well as Audio Visual including video graphic display screens and projectors making the environment completely different Acoustically speaking and indeed in terms of soundproofing needs as well.

Modern Churches will need soundproofing treatments where as traditional church will not because of the nature of the building, a modern church will have various activities running at any one given time and as such each of these activities will want to run smoothly without the interference or counterproductive affect to each other.

So knowing this when constructing or refurbishing your current church you will need to firstly create a soundproof shell in all areas from the main sanctuary, the cry room, the confessions booths, the Baptist Pools, The Bible Class Rooms, The Counselling Rooms, Office Spaces, Recoding Rooms, Music Practice Rooms and Kindergartens if your church have them.

Effective Church Soundproofing is the building blocks at the very route of the buildings makeup, with effective soundproofing that is safe for humans then all other components can branch out from there and build up in harmony.

If you noticed we emphasized the word safe for humans, SoundProofingSafeForHumans# is our own companies humanitarian non for profit long term plan to ensure that the public are aware of typical practices that are being used in the industry for soundproofing or acoustic treatments that in the end are not safe for humans and cause serious health hazards as a result.

These practices are often used in churches as we have seen where individual users were not aware until notified that they had a serious health hazard. For more information or a free SoundProofingSafeForHumans# Survey please call us today.

So where were we, We said once you had built up your space with soundproofing treatments you could then finish up your renovations and installing everything you needed to make your church run smoothly. This would include Soundproofed Air Conditioning Systems, Acoustic Treatments for the various space, Soundproof Doors and Operable Walls and so on.

soundproof window film1
The Main difference for the Acoustics in Modern Church Acoustics is that we need to use Acoustic Diffusers, Acoustic Absorbers and Acoustic Carpets and Panels to control the way that the noise propagates within the spatial environments. This needs to be closely in synchronization with the speakers that are installed, so it is always a good practice that the person doing the soundproofing and acoustics also does the sound system design.
More often than not, the sound system specialist will need the help of the Acoustic Engineer to ensure the speakers are the right technical configuration for the room treatment.

NoiseBlock Entry Level Flooring Underlay

Designed as a stand alone system for installing in combination to normal flooring systems to remove noise issues caused from the new addition of the flooring.

—  2 Layer System
—  Suitable for Laminated , Architectural Timber, Carpet and Click-Fit Flooring Systems to isolate between surfaces.
—  Entry Level sound reduction approximately 9dB(A)