Dog Soundproofing / Pet Soundproofing

Growing up with pets like dogs and cats for many of us was an unforgettable part of our early lives; and never for a moment back then did we have any concerns regarding noise pollution or soundproofing of our cudderly pets.
pet soundproofing dog soundproof
But in modern times, with our society become every increasingly stressed and run down from the fast paced lifestyle; suddenly owning a pet is a lot more complicated.
Fear Not it doesn’t need to be complicated or a stressful experience owning a pet like a dog here in Singapore. Using our Soundproofing Solution will ensure you pets don’t create unwanted noise to your neighbours and silence out there barking.

NoiseBlock Entry Level Flooring System 1

Designed as a stand alone system for installing in comblination to normal flooring systems to remove noise issues caused from the new additon of the flooring.

– 2 Layer System
– Suitable for laminated , Architectual Timber, carpet and Click-Fit Flooring Systems to isolate between surfraces.
– Entry Level sound reduction aproximatly 10dB(A)

Lets have a look a t some of our best selling soundproofing window systems:
Floor Soundproof Underlay