Soundproofing Membranes

NoiseStop Systems Singapore - NoiseBlock IsoMat G Range

The NoiseBlock IsoMat G Soundproofing Range is a set of products designed to deal with heavy duty loud noise pollution problems caused that transmits via Impact Noise, Airborne Noise & Vibration or Transmission Noise.
It is very effective at treating:
Vocal Noise: talking, shouting, baby screaming Vibration: Bass frequencies from speakers either home systems, clubs & bars, Washing machines vibration etc.
Heavy Duty Sound: Loud Music, TV, Karaoke, Computer Game Noise, Kids playing.
The Product range is suitable for use on floors, but the IsoMat G6 can be used on walls & ceilings also if used in combination with an Acoustic Treatment System.
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IsoSep vibration soundproofing product

NoiseStop Systens Singapore - NoiseBlock IsoSep Range

The NoiseBlock IsoSep Soundproofing Range is a set of products designed to deal with sound & vibration using a partial floating structure to create isolation. Most effective when used with an acoustic panel in walls & ceilings or as a standalone product on the floor.
Using this product removes the need to use Metal Z channels between surfaces & reduces the overall depth of the acoustic treatment. This product can be used for floors, walls and ceilings.

Budget Soundproofing product - NoiseBlock Acoustic Sheild

This is our budget soundproofing product for D.I.Y acoustic applications. Rather than our customers buy budget products from unknown suppliers we sell this product so people have the choice and reassurance that they are buying an authentic acoustic material.
Acoustic Shield is used to create a barrier between spaces. When the sound hits the material is confronted with a difficult surface to penetrate. This is a result of its tightly formed molecules in the manufacturing process. This structure makes it difficult for sound to pass smoothly through. The overall result is a fairly good soundproofing material suitable for floors, walls and ceilings for airborne and some vibration damping.
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