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At this stage your focus is to find a fast solution in order to not have to do anything major that will increase costs.

Office Soundproofing is a fundamental part of any renovation project. Often is the case that people never think about the implication of sound isolation until after the renovation is completed and problem is then disscovered.
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The big problem is that in soundproofing there really isn’t a quick fix solution; even though there are plenty of vendors on the market selling easy to install panels that you are told you only need a few to be mounted to the walls or hung from the celing and if by magic everything is fixed.

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Here at NoiseStop, we don’t have a fancy marketing website for a fast sell. We provide technical information and resources for people that want to know what soundproofing really is.

Our office Soundproofing Systems offer unbeatable performance at the best possible prices using authentic noise mitigation materials with a guarantee of performance.

The icing on the cake is our turnkey interior design and building solutions that’s where our subsidiaries join the project to create that perfect comblination of performance and perfection.

Office Soundproof Wall System

Our typical soundproof office system uses a comblinatio of our products including NoiseBlock BBB-DS6, NoiseBlock DFB+ and our new board NoiseBlock SoundFire Board. This comblination and specialist installation method creates a great isolatio barrier that makes your office peacful and private creating a better work environment for all.

Despite the name NoiseBlock Glass is not actually classified as a glass. The material is a triple composition mixed poly, depending on what type you go for can include mixes with copolymers, Silicone, pvc etc.
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NoiseBlock Entry Level Flooring System 1

Designed as a stand alone system for installing in comblination to normal flooring systems to remove noise issues caused from the new additon of the flooring.

– 2 Layer System
– Suitable for laminated , Architectual Timber, carpet and Click-Fit Flooring Systems to isolate between surfraces.
– Entry Level sound reduction aproximatly 10dB(A)

Lets have a look a t some of our best selling soundproofing window systems:
Floor Soundproof Underlay