Restaruant Acoustic Solutions

Does your restraunt have terrible echo and reverberation? If the answer is yes then you bad acoustics in your restraunt environment; and you need help!
Restaurant Acoustic Solutions are actually a lot more complicated than our competitors would have you beleive. Sticking a few acoustic panels here and there my seam a good idea at the time, not expensive, east to install and what? It didn’t work. (sigh)
Sadly if Acoustic solutions for your restraunt was a simple as that, then the world would be a happier place, but it just doesn’t work life that.
In order to correctly address the issues a restaurant has you need to understand how it operates, where people sit, the architecture, the building componants and then create what we called a Noise Reflection Plan
The purpose of the Plan is to give value for the objects that are in the room and calculate the rfelection angles and throw. Thereafter you can devise a solution.
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The Best Solutions for for the control of echo, reverberation and amplification in Restaruants will always be acoustic diffusers becuase of the way that they deal with the engery in the volumetric capacity of the environment..
If something is too cheap then there has to be a price to pay, that price is quality and effectivness and if your restaraunt sounds like a toilet, then your going to need a serious solution to make a serious difference, anything less is just waisting your money and time.
The second solution is using absorption. However usign the right materials is crucial to the absorption being affective and balanced. Often customers will pruchase solutions from other vendors only to find out that the acoustic quality of the material and the results are far from what they expected and to such a great degree that they would call us to replace everything.
Acoustic Ceilings in your restraunt need not be boring or detremental to your asthetics. Take advantage of our Acoustic expertise and our team of acoustic consultans, engineers and designers to make your acoustic soultion into a work of art mixing function with design to create wonderful spaces for your business to thrive.
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Depending on the requirements that you have for the space and the design concept that is already in place we will cator to your needs and design our solutions to intergrate seamlessly.

We have quite a number of interesting and unqiue building componants that allow us to really craft spaces in a way that you have never imagined possible.
Acoustic Bricks is often one of the solutions that our customers like to explore as it can create very stylish spaces and when paired up with our Invisible Acoustic Ceilings creates the perfect blend for a beautiful friendly acoustic restrant envionrment.
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Restaraunt Acoustic Package 1 - NoiseBlock Invisable Acoustic Ceiling Systems

The NoiseBlock invisable acoustic system is our most simplest and cost effective solutions for dealing with unwanted echo and reverberation in your restraunt.
The system comes in a variety of different colours that can match most restraunts decore.
However if you have a particular colour that we do not have as part of our standard ranged. We are able provide you with a pantone colour swtach chart for you to select the colour you want from and then we can specially dye our material should you require.
If that wasn’t enough we can even print onto our system should you want a unqiue concept for your space. Some of th econcepts we have done so far was to print marble stone finishes, timber finishes and artisic painting and popart.
There are also 10 different grades of panel to choose from depending on your budget, the peformance of the panel, fire rating of the panel and the quality of its finish.
If you would like more information on how you can save cost by working with us on please call our office on 62767453.

Custom Solution from our Acoustic Consultants

Aside from the two most popular choices above there are plenty of other methods that we used to acoustically treat restaraunts. The other methods we use are customized specifically for the restraunts themselves.
Someplaces we have intergrated cove lighting and architectual decortive elements in the ceiings, others we have used Acoustic Art and some places we have used suspeded acoustic louvres, baffes, absorbers and diffusers.
Contact us now and find out how we can make your places sound great again.

NoiseBlock Entry Level Flooring Underlay

Designed as a stand alone system for installing in combination to normal flooring systems to remove noise issues caused from the new addition of the flooring.

—  2 Layer System
—  Suitable for Laminated , Architectural Timber, Carpet and Click-Fit Flooring Systems to isolate between surfaces.
—  Entry Level sound reduction approximately 9dB(A)



NoiseBlock Entry Level Flooring System 1

Designed as a stand alone system for installing in comblination to normal flooring systems to remove noise issues caused from the new additon of the flooring.

– 2 Layer System
– Suitable for laminated , Architectual Timber, carpet and Click-Fit Flooring Systems to isolate between surfraces.
– Entry Level sound reduction aproximatly 10dB(A)

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