Soundproofing Insulation

Its quite a strange topic when we ask about soundproofing insulation or insulaton materials suitable for soundproofing applications. One of main reaons behind this confusion as to what is soundproofing in sulation is the fact that nobody we have spoken to over the years really understands what it is.

To Insulate is to cover and surround something with a material or substance in order to stop heat, electricity and as arecent inclusion sound from escapingor entering: You can insulate a house against heat loss by having the windowsdouble-glazed.

In general we assocate in the construction and building industry the world insulation with thermal applicationsespecially when we talk about mineral glass fibreor mineral wool fiber insulation materials. Typcially clients,contractors, builders, soundprofing contractors, consultants and architects will always rely heavy on insulation as thesole ingredient in tackingh noise mitigation; this however is what leadsto day in day out problems we tacle after thedamage is done.

In actual fact there are a wide variety of different types of mineral glass or mineral wool fibre materials. Thermal, Marine, Fire, Acoustic, Soundproofing and Aquaponic grade insulation.
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Each of the difference material applications has their pros and cons as you can imagine. Acoustic Insulation is oftenmissunderstood and incorrectly catograised inface when we look at Acoustic grade insulation it is mainly used in nonhuman interactive environments such as engine enclosures these days as it would be hazarduos for humans longterm.

Soundproofing grade Insulation is very high desnity and high mass insulation that provide high levels of soundtransmission loss that is the highest of any of thetypes of insulation on the market.


Our NoiseBlock DFB+ 200 Kg Density insulation offer still the highest level of noise reduction, noise shielding andblocking on the worldwide market and can be used as a direct replacement to any typical drywall paritonwithimpressive results.

NoiseBlock Entry Level Flooring Underlay

Designed as a stand alone system for installing in combination to normal flooring systems to remove noise issues caused from the new addition of the flooring.

—  2 Layer System
—  Suitable for Laminated , Architectural Timber, Carpet and Click-Fit Flooring Systems to isolate between surfaces.
—  Entry Level sound reduction approximately 9dB(A)