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NoiseBlock Soundproof Window Profile

Why Noiseblock?

NoiseBlock™ Window systems came in to the Market in 2004 and still to date are the highest noise reduction windoes worldwide. What makes our windows supieror on the market is the team of experts behind the window technolgy and our very own senior acoustic lead consultant Mr N Nelson aka Dr.Noise as hes known in the industy.

With other window companies on the market, everyone these days is trying to promote their windows as soundproof or special systems. Unfortantly from our experiences now after replacing so many of our competitors windows their windows are are only slightly better than standard windows and not what you woudl define as soundproof grade.


Are Double Glazed Glass Windows Soundproof Windows?

The Short answer to that question is No.
Double Glazed is short for the term Double Glazing. It simpley means the use of two panes of glass. The glass used in such a system can be quite a large range of different types, weights, densities and thicknesses. These vast array of varibles will make a serious difference between the window having sound reduction properties or the window having little to know effect against sound.

So in fact its quite missleading to tell customers that the window is soundproof because it is double glazed. The same can be said for laminated glass as well.

What is Soundproof Glass or Noiseproof Glass?

Soundproof glass is glass panels that are specially designed in such a way that they reduce large amounts of sound in compasion to double glazed panels or laminated glass panels .
Our propriotory soundprof glass we call NoiseBlock Glass or NBG for short. We able to make the glass in thicknesses from 20mm to 50mm and in special projects as thick as nessasary to archive the project goal.

NoiseBlock Glass is a comblination variatios factories inclding different material types, weights, densities, thicknesses, coatings and processes that create our award winning glass panels.

When intergrated into our NoiseBlock Window Frames produces proven scientifically tested results that to date are unbeatable by our competitotrs. We have system that start with noise reductions from 20dB(A), 30dB(A), 35dB(A), 40dB(A), 45dB(A), 50dB(A) and so on.

Our windows come with warrenty, guaranteed performance results and made from #safeforhuman materials. You may want to check a little more in detail whats being used in our competitors windows that might be considered harmful for humans and our environment.


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