Soundproof Windows

Since then there has been other window companies come and go into the soundproofing market. Poorer quality andlower performance imitations of our system have been introduced with fanciful marketing or internet campaigns butin the end, these competitors have failed to provide the high performance results that NoiseBlock Soundproof Windows Archives with ease.

When it comes to window soundproofing not just in Singapore but worldwide, NoiseBlock Soundproofing windows are ledgendary in their soundproofing performance. In Singapore we have been soundproofing windows since 2005 which was the first company on the market and a real pinoneer in this field.

When selecting your soundproof window solution don’t just take our word for it; do your research. Often you will find companies claiming to sell Italian windows, European, USA and so on. But with a little bit of research you can quickly catch them out. More often than not the windows are produced here in Singapore or Malaysia that have similarities to that of European standard windows, but not soundproofing grade.


Without giving away all the secrets to identifying genuine soundproof windows to imitations or poor copies; what we can say is that there are quiet obvious signs and marks to be picked up by the trained eye. If in doubt please do take the time to contact us and we would be more than happy to share with you in a free consultation.

For those of you that are that familiar soundproof windows are very different from typical windows you find on the market, thermal insulation windows and architectural windows. They have special features such as the glass panels that are used in their systems, the composition of the frames, types of materials that make the frames, seals, interfacing, locking systems, hardware and coatings.

soundproof window film1

All in all these unique differences make up the world of difference in soundproofing results of your windows, and don’t forget soundproofing is physics which as you know is an applied science. So its not left to luck or chance that
the windows will have soundproofing results, its based on carefully calculated scientific studies and principles which you won’t find from any of the windows companies here in Singapore or this region.

Our windows have been specially design and tested to provide the maxim sound reduction results and we have plenty of different rated windows to fit within your budget. Lets have a look at some of our best selling soundproofing window systems:

NoiseBlock Glass Transparent

NoiseBlock Entry Level Flooring System 1

Designed as a stand alone system for installing in comblination to normal flooring systems to remove noise issues caused from the new additon of the flooring.

– 2 Layer System
– Suitable for laminated , Architectual Timber, carpet and Click-Fit Flooring Systems to isolate between surfraces.
– Entry Level sound reduction aproximatly 10dB(A)

Lets have a look a t some of our best selling soundproofing window systems:
Floor Soundproof Underlay